Reflective Blog Post Module 4

Action in these online classes has been quite busy lately, and I am feeling the effects of taking 10 graduate credits this summer.  Life has been very busy!  I am going my best to keep on top of everything, and I have learned (or rather re-learned) that group work is far more difficult than individual work as it is difficult to get everybody on the same page with different schedules and different lifestyles.  I have also learned that it is important to remember that not everybody is at the same level technology-wise and some people have more and less experience with technology than others.  Lastly, I have learned about a wide variety of different assessment tools while working on the jigsaw midterm project, and the tool that I researched (Testmoz) is a fascinating and especially easy tool to implement as it is based on simplicity.

Two insights that have become clearer while working in groups are the same as I had listed above.  First, working in a team online is far more difficult than working online as different folks have different schedules and lifestyles and it is often difficult to get everybody on the same page.  Second, different people have different levels of comfort with technology, and it can be difficult to get everybody on the same page with technology at times.

In terms of advice for people working in online teams in the future, I would encourage setting up group chat times (maybe through Google Docs) to create a schedule and maybe a checklist that people could work through as the process is completed.  This will keep everything more organized and sequential.

Link to group project:

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I enjoyed this week’s post. I do agree with you; group work, especially online, can indeed be difficult. I provided some tips and lessons learned on group work on the course News Page for week three that are too long to provide here. I do hope in the end, the group project allowed you to learn new tools and new skills. I look forward to reviewing your team wiki.

    Joy_The Intern@VA

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Andy. Yes, some people aren’t as comfortable with tech but this is the beauty of a team. Maybe that person is more comfortable with writing. Then the responsibilities can be divided according to people’s strengths. Than you for sharing your thoughts!

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