AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus AB

Pre-Requisite: Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus AB builds upon the skills learned in Pre-Calculus while preparing students for the Advanced Placement Calculus AB test given to students in May.  AP Calculus will provide students with an introduction to Calculus and prepare college-bound students for mathematics coursework in college.

Concepts that are discussed in this class are closely related to the AP Calculus AB Content Outline and include:

  • Functions, graphs, and limits, including asymptotic and unbounded behavior, as well as continuity
  • The derivative as a function itself, its uses, and methods for calculating the derivative of various functions
  • The integral, its uses, and methods for calculating the area under a curve over various intervals
  • Interpretations and applications of differentiation and integration in both purely mathematical and real-world settings
  • Differential equations and the method of Separation of Variables to solve differential equations
  • Techniques and applications of antidifferentiation and their applications to integration

The Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam, written by the College Board, is administered to high school students during one half day in May, with students earning a passing score (depending on their post-secondary education choice) earning college chemistry credits.

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