E-Portfolio for Assessment in E-Learning

Artifact 1:  Week 1 Icebreaker Activity


My name is Andy Hamm and I am a high school math and science teacher at Boyceville High School in Boyceville, WI.  Boyceville High School is a small, rural public high school with graduating class sizes of around 50 students and is located in northwest Wisconsin, about 10 miles NW of UW-Stout in Menomonie.  I am very busy during the school with six teaching preps:  AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Calculus AB, Pre-Calculus, General Chemistry, and Physical Science.

Here were my results from the personality survey:

You got: ESTP

Known as “The Entrepreneur,” ESTPs are considered to be smart, energetic, and perceptive. They are typically adrenaline junkies who live their lives on the edge.

I certainly do not consider myself an adrenaline junkie and I do not live my life on the edge.  I am also a bit apprehensive about the other adjectives used, but I really question the validity of a personality test based on a series of hats.  Interesting nonetheless.

Andy from Boyceville, WI

This artifact was an activity that required students to post their personality type onto the class message board after taking a personality test based on hats.  While this activity did a good job of exposing students to posting messages on the message board and communicating with others, I was not particularly impressed with the hat activity, though it did provide a conversation starter.

Artifact 2:  Screenshot of Netiquette Wiki

This wiki is being updated by members of the class on rules of netiquette, or proper etiquette on the internet when communicating.  These rules will be important to share with students who are exposed to a blended or purely online learning environment.

Artifact 3:  Module Two RLO

I agree with the results of this inventory.  It is important to give students a feeling of ownership in their own learning, as learning is truly lifelong and I am more concerned about creating a lifelong love of learning than teaching students rote memorization of facts that are rarely, if ever, used in life.

This activity exposed students to teacher-centered vs. student-centered learning using a unique technology-based internet tool.  This activity would be great to share with colleagues as well as the tool used to create the activity.

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